Zija does  not claim to cure anything,                                           but with proper nutrition our bodies can self correct                                     These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.                                                                                                                                                                         

I’ve had CARPAL TUNNEL for over 10 years.  I no longer have pain in my wrists or hands.  I no longer have constant pain in my other joints. My skin looks and feels better, it is moister and softer.   When I was younger abrasions on my skin would heal in about a week. For several years my healing time had extended to three weeks or more. It is now back to about week. I’ve suffered from hay fever in the fall most of my life.  Now when I feel I feel symptoms coming on, I drink a can of Zija and the symptoms subside.  I also feel more alert and have more energy.                                                                   Barb

After an extended stay in the hospital a year and a half ago, I was not able to raise my arm above my shoulder nor could I support any weight with that arm. I now have full range of motion and strength back in my arm and shoulder.  For years I would get HEARTBURN 2 to 3 times a week. Since starting Zija  over a year ago, I have not had heartburn  once.                                                                                 Steve                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Heart disease and stroke run rampant on both sides of my family. I have tried just about every type of cholesterol medicine out there with no significant drop in my numbers. My CHOLESTEROL was 284, my triglycerides - 257, my HDL - 34, my VLDL - 51, my LDL - 199 my chol/HDL - 8.4. I had only been on Zija for two months when I had  a scheduled blood check. My cholesterol dropped to 200, the trig. to 153, the HDL raised to 45, VHDL down to 31,LDL down to 124, and the chol/HDL down to 4.4. My cardiovascular risk was calculated at 25% (it shouldn’t be over 12%).  That has also dropped to 9%.  Zija has given me peace of mind that I haven’t had for a very long time.                                             Jose

I suffer from RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS.  When I started taking Zija, comsuming one can a day, I could not notice any difference.  Knowing some people may require more than one can a day, I began drinking two.  I am so glad that I did not give up when one can didn't work, as Zija has virtually elilminated my severe arthritis,without the need for other presciption or OTC painkillers.


I started taking Zija while I was pregnant.  I wanted to give my baby the best start in life that I could, and what better time to start than while he was still developing.  I have continued with Zija since my son was born and I have more than enough milk for him. As a matter of fact, the freezer is full of breast milk. With all the nutrients and immune enhancing properties in Zija, I feel there is nothing better I can do to keep my baby happy and healthy. I am also taking care of myself by drinking Zija. I have more energy and am not so stressed out with a new baby.  By BREASTFEEDING my baby I’m getting double the benefits for the price of one!                                                                                                         Karlie

I started taking Zija for all the NUTRITION it has. While I have not really noticed any  “major” changes, I do have more energy.  Mycholesterol has been above 200 (high) for the last five years, climbing higher each year, with 2004 being 239. After being on Zija for just 4 months, it is down to 197.  My HDL (good cholesterol) went from 52 in 2004 to 60. My Chol/HDL went from 4.6 (high) to 3.3.  I have never been on cholesterol medicine. The ONLY thing I have done different is drink Zija.                                       Thank you Zija!                                                                                                                          Penny

I suffer from ROSACIA on my face.  Since starting Zija, there has been a definite improvement. My mother, who was taking a prescribed medicine for her ACID REFLUX is no longer taking anything.  My wife is thrilled that her hot flashes are a thing of the past.  Zija has definitely worked me and my family.


I'm skeptical by nature.   My position as an assistant professor of business makes me skeptical of product claims and marketing spin. I began taking Zija on Dec 16, 2004 on a whim. My relocation to take my latest academic job in July of 2003 led to almost 18 months of one SINUS INFECTION after another. The vitamin supplements that had worked so well for me before the move couldn't seem to keep my system healthy anymore. I heard about Zija and decided to give it a try. I ceased taking the vitamin supplements and glucosamin/chondroitin when I began Zija because I wanted to know what Zija could do for me without any complications from other nutritional products. After about five and a half weeks, several remarkable things have happened.                                                                                          
First, by the evening of December 19th at a Christmas party, I realized that my appetite had changed. The row of Christmas desserts at the party didn't look interesting to me. That was very unusual, and it took me several minutes of wondering why I wasn't eating them before I made the connection to three days of taking Zija. Since then, my craving for sweets has remained very low to non-existent. Frankly, I'm eating less and eating better just because my appetite has changed so significantly.

Next, on a holiday vacation, I was engaged in physical exercise that was very atypical for me. For the last several years, exercising muscles that haven't been challenged much has resulted in severe soreness
for me, to the point of almost being crippled for three to four days afterwards. However, when I was discussing my holiday activities with family members, I suddenly realized that I wasn't sore at all. I thought that was perhaps a fluke event. However, after returning home in early January, a heavy snowfall led to two hours of snow shoveling for myself and my neighbors. Again, no soreness bothered me after that event. Frankly, I still can't believe it, but I sure do enjoy it.

So, in a little over five weeks, I've had five great improvements in my well-being and physical condition, and that sure has improved my attitude, too.

Thanks for bringing this product to market. I know that no product is a magic bullet for everyone, but I'm strongly recommending this product to my family and friends in the hope that they will also have the Zija experience I've enjoyed. It's been amazing.                                                                                      David Flint, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                          

I’ve had rough and flaky skin for over 40 years and have used many products on the market without success. Nothing has helped ....until Zija. I can see my elbows and knees! It is great to run my fingers through my hair and to feel a healthy scalp. I have also had an energy increase and my night vision seems better too! Now I want others to enjoy life as I am. Thanks.                                                     Rose

Zija has helped my body normalize my blood pressure and I have noticed I have easier breathing and better sleep since I started drinking life in with Zija.                                                                             Lou

Since I started drinking Zija I notice relieved sinus congestion, I sleep better, have improved breathing and less pain and stiffness.                                                                                                               L.P.

With Zija I have noticed I have decreased appetite, my spider veins are disappearing, varicose veins shrinking, wheat allergies diminishing, a healthier bladder, I am sleeping through the night (I am 60 years old). I also notice an increase of energy, greater strength and endurance while exercising. Incredible!                                                                                                                                        Valerie

My husband and I have now been taking Zija for over a week now. We have both felt the enormous boost in energy! My husband says his head is clearer and he is able to concentrate on individual thoughts and conversations rather than flipping back and forth on thoughts. This stuff is amazing! I also enjoy the softer skin that it has given me! Drink Life In!!                                                                                      Andrea

Zija helps me sleep better and have more energy during the whole day. It has helped me cut down on my sweets intake.                                                                                                                            Ricky

Zija has done so much! I have a greater sense of well being. I have more energy. I exercise daily and can tell that I'm getting results faster than when I wasn't drinking Zija, such as weight loss and strength. My allergies aren't as bad this season. Amazing!                                                                                 Peggy

Since my first week on Zija, my daily pain has disappeared, I have all of the same stresses in life as I did before, but they no longer seem overwhelming to me. I have found a balance I have desperately needed!                                                                                                                                        Swanny

After taking Zija for a couple of weeks people started telling me I looked better and asked if I had lost weight. I decided to see if I had lost weight and to my amazement, I lost 14 pounds. I have also been able to turn down the usual sweets that I would eat on a regular basis. Thank you Zija International.Pablo

I've been drinking Zija since Dec. 11th, 2004. I immediately noticed an increase in energy and alertness. No more need for the daily caffeine fix. Zija is great for fighting those winter, gray sky blahs! I also noticed that my nose, and sinuses were crystal clear for the 1st time in years. I can breathe! My digestion is better as well. My joint pain is less, and my body feels better all around. The benefits of Zija are very real.                                                                                                                                 Russ

I had knee surgery in the past and every step I took I was in pain. After taking Zija my joints feel better! Bonnie

Zija has given me more energy. My husband has noticed an improvement by sleeping through the night. Rebecca

I have no problem getting up in the morning anymore. After taking Zija for two months, I don't need to take anti-inflammatories as much.                                                                                                      Virginia

My wife has excellent results with Zija. She was able to reduce her medication dramatically. She no longer gets the pain when the weather changes.                                                                               Ron

Everybody who drinks Zija that I have talked to is reporting extended nail growth. I cannot keep my fake nails on anymore because my real nails grow too quickly. My doctor is studying it and is going to start taking it.                                                                                                                                         Linda

I started drinking my Zija "one a day" and I started feeling more energy immediately. I have not done anything different than usual, so it must be Zija. I continue to have lots of energy and feel upbeat and happy which is unique. I feel very "clear headed" too and I feel Zija is helpful to me. I really like the taste and I know Zija makes me feel great.                                                                                               Jeanne

I have more mental clarity, less anxiety, more energy and I'm always in a good mood.                         James

I have tried almost every health drink on the market, including those from other networking companies. They were good, but I did not feel anything to make me notice any change. I am very healthy and in tune with my body and can feel the effects of something very quickly. When I drank Zija for the first time it was like my whole body just tingled, and I could literally FEEL the life energy of Zija circulating in my body. It is no accident that the tag line for Zija is "Drink Life In" because I believe that is exactly what you are doing when you drink Zija. Amazing!                                                                                            Vincent J. Kellsey, Life Coach

Since I started Zija I have noticed my body is relieved of muscle stiffness in my back, my sinuses are clearer, and Zija seems to give me energy during the day and allows me to sleep more restfully.            Patti

I am 17 years old and I really like Zija. I have seen improvements, physically and mentally. One thing about me is I like to weight train, and I have noticed a good change in my physique. I weigh 113 to 117 pounds and can 'dead lift' 270 pounds, 'bench' 170, and 'squat' 240. That's more than my friends who are bigger than me. My coach says that he has seen some real improvement.                                            Soloman

I just want to tell you that Zija is amazing! I'm feeling some energy since I started drinking Zija in December. I felt a difference in the first week after drinking Zija daily. I'm now on a very hard exercise program which I could never have done without the help of Zija. I'm more in shape than before, happier, less stressed, and very grateful for my life and family. Thanks so much!!!                                               Tami

After drinking Zija for about one week I felt better than I ever have. I feel more alive, more energetic. I install hardwood floors for a living and Zija is helping me make it though my day with more life and energy.                                                                                                                                            Brian

Drinking Zija, I noticed a difference in minutes. I gained energy and could feel my body fighting my problem areas. I have been taking health products every day for 10 years and have never experienced this.                                                                                                                                              R.S.

I am normally a very high-strung individual. I have always carried tons of stress along with other issues. I started drinking Zija one month ago. Now, I am able to manage my stress much better with an incredible feeling of overall well being. Zija gave me my life back!                                                                          Russell

After drinking Zija, I felt results in the first few days. I have more energy and mental clarity.                Paul

I have been an avid MLM cosmetics consumer since I was 16 years old. I recently ran out of my moisturizer, which I consistently maintained for my dry and flaky T-zone of my face. I found that since taking Zija my skin is delivering moisture, nourishment and super elasticity to my trouble areas. I feel a few years younger and have healthy soft and vibrant skin. I have received numerous compliments on my skin and healthy glow. To date I have yet to purchase any moisturizer. Wow!                                    Ericka

I've received so many compliments from even the first week I started drinking Zija. My clients and coworkers were telling me my skin was looking younger and my hair looks healthier. The sides of my hair that were graying have turned back to my original dark color. I've been able to say it's Zija and nothing else. And, more compliments keep coming in as they tell me I always seem to be in an "up mood" all the time and have great energy. Zija has protected me from catching colds and flu even when others around me were sick. I'm impressed with the anti-aging and immune strengthening benefits and am proof that the product works. I love sharing my secret with others!                                                   Ken

As an active and busy mother of 5 children I noticed I was constantly interrupting my sleep with frequent trips to the bathroom at night. Since starting Zija I now sleep soundly through the night with no interruptions and wake fully rested. Another advantage Zija gives me is when I train for marathons I am not fatigued during my runs, I need less recovery time, and my ankles don't ache. Zija is wonderful! Sheri

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