What sets Zija apart from the other liquid dietary supplements?                                                  Most liquid dietary supplements are made from fruit juice concentrate.  The process

to make concentrate strips the juice of its nutrients, leaving a drink made from concentrate

nothing more than flavored sugar water.  Most of the synthetic vitamins that are added to

concentrates are not recognized by the body and therefore are not absorbed.

What about taking vitamin pills?                                                                                                           Binders are used to compact the vitamins and minerals together into hard tablets.  Many

studies show that binders inhibit and interfere with absorption and may even cause the

undigested tablets to pass completely through your digestive tract.  No more than 10%

of many multi-vitamins are actually absorbed.

Why is Zija a beverage?                                                                                                               

Liquid nutrition is better used by the body than solid nutrition.  Liquid supplementation is 

superior to tablets, capsules, and powders because liquid supplementation has minimum

of 85% nutritional absorption. The liquid form of Zija helps with better absorption of nutritional compounds, a plus for those whose absorption may be compromised due to medical

reasons or aging.  

Does Zija replace my prescription medicine?
Moringa is a healthy food, not a medicine.  While Moringa does help with many symptoms,

as it's long and varied use in traditional medicine shows, good nutrition is just one part of

what it takes to be healthy.

Is Moringa safe to take with medications?
We are not aware that any negative interactions have occurred.   Please consult your doctor

if you have health concerns.

What about side effects?

Morigna has no known allergies.  Some people may undergo detoxifactaion due to Zija's

high amount of chorophyll as it removes toxins from the body.  Initially that may include a

headache, upset stomach, or nausea.  If that occurs, reduce your ZIja intake to half a can

per day until the side effects subside.  Consult your doctor if you have health concerns. 

Each person is unique and repsonds to ZIja differently, but most experience many varied

health benefits.

What about taking moringa powder pills?
In Africa, where Moringa is used to combat malnutrition, pregnant and nursing women

are counseled to take 25 grams a day .  Zija contains 30 grams of Moringa.  One gram

is approximately .211 teaspoon.  A 000 size gel cap (the largest there is) holds anywhere

from .822 to 1.644 grams, (dependant on the ingredient used).   To get 30 grams of Moringa

powder, you would have take 18 pills (with 1.644 grams) or 36 pills (with .822 grams) as

opposed to one convienently packaged can of Zija.

Is all Moringa the same?
No, it is not.   The nutritional quality of Moringa depends on where it was grown and how

it was harvested.   Zija buys shade dried Moringa from different parts of the world to

maximize the various nutrients.  Shade dried as opposed to sun dried preserves more of

the nutrients.  The quality of Moringa used in Zija makes it a pharmaceutical grade product.

Why are various parts of Moringa used in ZIja?
The different components of Moringa contain different levels of nutrients.  By using the

leaves, seed cake, and fruit juice, the nutrient levels are maximized.

What is bio-availability?                                                                                                                          Bio-availability is absorbability.  The nutrition in Zija is 100% absorbed.   Out of the 35,000

food products in a grocery store, only 1200 -1500 food products have nutrients that can be

fully absorbed.

When do I take Zija?                                                                                                                                 Zija is formulated to be taken on an empty stomach.  That is more important than when.

If taken with food, it will slow down the absorption time and interfere with the amount of

nutrients absorbed. Taking Zija 20-30 minutes before you eat will better help you absorb

the nutrients in the food you eat.

How often do I take Zija?                                                                                                                        The daily amount of Zija varies by a person's weight, physical condition, and age.  One

can daily is the recommended amount. Some people take two a day.  You will feel the

effects faster if you have more than one can a day.  A person over 160 lbs. may need

more than one can to compensate for their larger size. 

How long does it take to feel a difference?                                                                                        Taking Moringa is not necessarily dramatic in itself.  It is more a sense of well being;

more energy, more alertness.  Most people will feel a difference in a few days.  Those

with poorer health will probably feel the effect faster and more pronounced.  If, after taking

Zija for 30 days, you don’t feel a difference, Zija will refund 100% of the purchase price

(less S&H).

What other things can I expect Zija to do for me?

Zija helps different people in different ways.  Read the Testamonial page for more

examples.  Moringa's benefits are not only those that we can physically feel, but also

those at the cellular level, helping to strengthen all the systems of the body such as the

immune system, the circulatory sytem, etc.

Why haven’t I heard of Moringa before?                                                                                             While Moringa has been used by many civilizations with the earliest recorded date 100 AD,

Moringa has only recently been “discovered” by modern science.  “There are over 500,000

known species of plants on the planet and, to date, only 1% have been studied for medical

and nutritional purposes.”   Monica Marcu,  Pharm D., Ph.D.

What scientific studies support Moringa?

Nutritional research has been conducted since the 1970's.  In the last ten years, hundreds

of research articles, theses, reports, and patents have been published on Moringa. 

Newpapers, scientific journals, and documentaries (Discovery Channel) feature Moringa

more and more. The Church Wolrd Service  recently organized the first ever Moringa Tree

International Conference to educate about Moringa's use as an indigenous resource for

fighting hunger and malnutrition.

Where can I get more information on Moringa?                                                                                  The book “Miracle Tree” by Monica Marcu is excellent.  Monica holds a Phd. in

pharmacology and Pharm.D. (doctor in pharmacy).  The book costs $10.00. If you are

interested in a copy, please contact us.

Why is Zija packaged in aluminum cans?                                                                                           Cans provide 100% protection from UV light which destroys vitamins and other

nutrients.  Glass (even colored) and plastic do not provide the same protection. 

The can also provides a convenient way to get your daily serving.

Are aluminum cans safe?                                                                                                                        There is actually more aluminum in aspirin, toothpaste, and various food products than

you might get from a can of ZIja, as Zija’s cans are coated with a FDA approved water

based sealer on the total inside to prevent contact between Zija and the aluminum.

What does Zija cost?                                                                                                                             Whether you buy direct from the company or from an Independent Representative, a

case (30 cans) costs $80 plus shipping (plus tax if you live in Utah or Tennessee).   It

is shipped directly to you via Federal Express ($12.00 ) and generally arrives within

3 to 4 days from the time the order is processed.

Is there any way to get it cheaper?                                                                                                      There are two ways to save:                                                                                                                        1. Go on ARP (auto receive program)where it is automatically shipped to you every

month.   A case purchased under the ARP option is $70.  You can change or cancel

your ARP at any t ime.      

2. Join our Zija Distributor Team and get your case for $65.  As a Zija Distributor, you

will also earn commission on sales to those you share the benefits of Zija with; because

once you try Zija, you will share what it is doing for you with others.

How do I become a Zija Distributor?                                                                                           

Order Now  contains a secure link allowing you to sign up online.  A distributor kit costs

$41.90 (includes S&H), the price savings of less than 3 cases. You can change or cancel

your ARP at any time.

How do I get Zija?                                                                                                                                     Order Now   will take you to a secure link where you can  select an option.  The page does

not allow for a non ARP order, so you must call us (801-602-0018) to receive a “one time”

order of Zija. You can place a non ARP order as often as you like. 


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